About Me

October 26th, 1990 - This Guy Enters the World

I was born in Mission Viejo, California.  This also makes me a Scorpio that was born in the year of the horse.

May 2013 - Started A New Job

I began working as a student worker at the National Geophysics Data Center (N.G.D.C ) which is part of  NOAA. My work consisted of writing scripts to cleanup data. I also worked on creating a visualization tool to display the location of core samples. 

May 2014 - Graduated University

I graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder with a dual Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Spanish & Portuguese. 'Sko Buffs!     

May 2014 - Started New Job

After Graduating I began working at NDP Group, LLC. A software company located in downtown Boulder.

March, 2015 - Moved to Ecuador

I moved Cuenca, Ecuador to further pursue fluency in Spanish. Shortly after, I applied for permanent residency.  This is also the time I began working as a Freelance Web Developer.

September 2016 - Through-Hiked the John Muir Trail

In September, my brother invited me to join him and a friend to through hike the  211 miles (340 km) of the John Muir Trail.  It was quite the experience that taught me a lot about my limits physically and mentally. 

November 2016 - Hiked Torres Del Paine

2016 was big year for me in terms of hiking, I was fortunate to travel down south the Chilean side of Patagonia to hike the Q Loop in Torres Del Paine with my father and siblings. During our trip, a bridge collapsed the day after we crossed and prevent many from hiking the loop. 

September 2017 - Residency Granted

I became  resident of Ecuador under the Professional Visa option, which allows for applicants from pre-approved universities to gain permanent resident status.